The student in question is Uche, a 300level from the Faculty Of Pharmacy. He was granted bail on July 2nd.The incident that led to the arrest began on a Sunday morning, while our student along with some his church members( Redeem Christian Church of God, Embassy of God parish Edo State province 5) were returning from an all night retreat held the previous day at the RCCG headquarters sapele road, a trailer was speeding head on to heat them so the driver in trying to avert the incoming collision made a quick swerve to the right. During which our student bent down to pick up a phone that had fallen on the floor of the bus, as he tried handing the phone to the presumed owner (a fellow church member and passenger in the vehicle) he then noticed blood stains on the phone. He realized the passenger was bleeding from the mouth and head and immediately informed the driver. The bleeding passenger was rushed to Central hospital as it was close but they were immediately redirected to UBTH without being attended to. At UBTH the injured passenger was immediately admitted and placed on oxygen as he already gone into a critical stage. All efforts to save him proved abortive even an injection worth about #15000 was administered however it was unsuccessful and the passenger eventually died. On arrival at UBTH earlier the parents of the deceased were notified and they had been present to witness the Medical team do all they could to save their son whom eventually after much failed attempts kicked the bucket. Despite the condolences and effort to confort the family made by the church, the family on a Monday morning went to the BDPA police station to make a falsified formal complaint against the church for which our student,  the driver of the vehicle, a church elder, the church pastor and accompanied by a church member were all requested to report at the police station to give their statement on Monday morning. However they were all unjustly detained without any warrant of arrest or evidence of murder.The student was moved from the nigeria police station Aideyan avenue Airport Road while the 4 others were moved from the BDPA police station to the state CID.  He student has been there since 26 June. He has been imprisoned without any evidence of murder or warrant of arrest and yet the family of the deceased have remained adamant to accept it as an accident. Bail grants have been refused. No autopsy or anything had been carried out. The school principal authorities have been informed already as at 7th of July, 2017 however they have decided to not involve the school in the issue regardless of the fact that the student has been unjustly accused, imprisoned and denied his fundamental human rights as an individual, a human, a student of the University of Benin and as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Rights to fair hearing has been denied, and yet the school intends on kick starting exams on Monday overlooking the issue. This student in question has no hope of freedom or fair hearing and stands serious risk of facing real jail time for a supposed murder that doesn’t exist, besides that He he stands the greatest risk of all,  losing his dream, his future and his identity as a proud student of the University of Benin..

      As received from a student.