At the Google for Nigeria event held today in Lagos, they made a released of most searched things by Nigerians and in no particular order 
  1. World Cup Fixtures 
  2. Wizkid Soco 
  3. Prepare Banga Soup 
  4. Npower
  5. Who Is the richest musician in Nigeria 
  6. How to dance shaku shaku 
  7. Black Panther
  8. How to tie Gele
  9. BbNaija
When the love of Banga hits you 👌👌 , so there are people like us who’s still struggling with the head and leg movement of the shaku shaku 😂😂meanwhile Google map street views is hitting 8 cities in Nigeria, check if your city is in the list 
  1. Kano 
  2. Benin
  3. Ibadan
  4. Abuja
  5. Port Harcourt 
  6. Lagos
  7. Onitsha
  8. Kaduna
Also they’ll be providing over 10 million Nigerians free WiFi in the city of Lagos 

5 Places you can access free Wifi via Google Station in Lagos:

Ikeja City Mall
Computer Village
Domestic Airport
The Palms, Lekki
Landmark Center.