Codes Unborn

On the eve of the Chinese New Year (The Year of the Pig), the prominent vocal Evangelist, Rev Dr. Min Chan Onoshorena had these predictions wagging from his fury tongue.

* A new specie will dominate the earth in the year 2020.

* Donald Trump will retain his seat with a wide margin.

* Contraceptives will lead to the death of many youths.

He goes on and on as he does annually, little wonder he is renowned as the 21st Century Nostradamus, as most of his predictions in past times had come to fulfillment.

Amongst, his predictions or rather prophecies as he would prefer to state. That on ‘Contraceptive leading to the death of the youths’ have continue to trail social media platforms and buzz as the most debatable topic in the past three weeks.

And to fuel more controversy, earlier this week. The highly revered preacher man in an interview with Osazuwa, a correspondent of IdiaTorch in his hilltop mansion, Off Otaru Drive, Auchi announced that he will be shedding more light on this in his forthcoming coming book ‘Codes Unborn: Gomorrah Times’

If you are a lover of conspiracy theories, you couldn’t have come at a better time.

And hell no, this is not a memoir 😋

Welcome to day 1 of my #30DAYSWRITINGCHALLENGE.

-O.C. Adolf (No Relative Of the Hitler Lineage)🤓