Crypto-expert Ibrahim Olaniyi has announced the launch of his cryptocurrency exchange platform that is set to enable users to buy and sell bitcoin with a lot of ease.
We are super excited to introduce RedimIT, it is live and ready for use. It is a platform that allows users to sell bitcoin in Nigeria and receive Naira in their preferred bank account, “Ibrahim said.
RedimiIT will host a slew of trading pairs including popular cryptocurrencies like litecoin, ripple, Tron, zcash, stellar, Dash and Eos.
The exchange is built with the users in mind, therefore, we aim to meet users’ expectations as per instant payment, Bonus available on sell orders, the Best rates, and No verification/ KYC.
If you haven’t signed up for our trading platform, the process is quick and easy. Simply register and you’ll be able to instantly trade deposit, and withdraw your favorite digital assets.
RedimIT user interface is designed for ease of use combined with a professional-grade trading platform designed to offer seamless swaps in a secure environment.
RedimIT’s matching engine is faster than lightning and traders can execute trades smoothly with cryptocurrencies that have deep liquidity. Besides pleasing veteran traders, our new exchange will be one of the easiest ways for newcomers to obtain cryptocurrencies. As a trading platform that provides a superior user experience.
“At RedimIT, we have a mission to bring financial freedom to the world and we’re excited to offer industry-leading rewards on an exchange you can trust to help propel the crypto space forward,” Ibrahim Olaniyi, Founder of RedimIT concluded.