Singer Simi has always been one of the few celebrities with strong opinions on matters and we will continue to love her for it but thousands of Nigerians aren’t having it with her when she made recent post to belittle the popular Yoruba delicacy “Gbegiri” and described people who eat semo to those who lacks conscience.

Semo serves as a substitute to pounded yam, fufu and eba which can be quite stressful to prepare compared to the former. Gbegiri is a western Nigerian soup made from Beans and mostly eaten alongside Ewedu soup and Amala.

The pregnancy singer might be having a series of food aversions which is mostly common with pregnant women as they begin to crave for strange things and begin to lose taste, however the singer has stated that she’s has always felt this way about Semo and Gbegiri.

Her husband and singer Adekunle Gold has decided not to side her as he stands with Gbegiri and tells her boldly to delete both her tweet and her opinion with all cuteness.

How beautiful is this dish of Semo and Egusi Soup? I bet you plan on eating one right now or do you like Simi thinks it’s taste like dustbin? 

Which side are you on? For Gbegiri or Not? Drop your comments in the comments section