Procrastination is not new to most of us, especially me if I’d be truthful. I battle with it daily. My 5- seconds rule has saved me from a whole lot.
When you have a task no matter how little or great, ask yourself in 5 seconds if it’s something you can do in less than or exactly Five Minutes.

  • If your answer is Yes, do it immediately
  • When your answer is No, apply the Pareto Principle to verify if you should do it regardless. What’s the Pareto Principle and How does it relate to business, finance or life matters?

THE PARETO PRINCIPLE asserts that 80% of outcomes/ results come from 20% of our input.
It’s also called the 80-20 rule. This means that if you do 100 things daily, only 20 of these things will give you 80% of the result you need for any area of your life, be it business or school or family. No wonder people get frustrated because to them, they’ve done a whole lot and they still can’t see anything good coming out from it. It’s almost like they did nothing whereas they spent most of their time working and missing out on all the fun things but there’s nothing to show for it.

In times when you’ve asked yourself the first question in the 5 – seconds rule and your answer is NO, then ask yourself if the thing you need to do that’s more than 5 minutes, is it part of the 20% you need to do to get 80% of your result?

Trust me, you’ll know if it is. And if your answer is yes, then do it immediately. You may flop a couple of times but it’s fine, keep doing it.
When your answer is no, schedule a time for it. Add it to your alarm or to-do list whichever works best for you and come up when its time to get it done.

Written By : Lohis Aruya