One of nollywood’s 2020 biggest blockbuster is currently in the works and we’ve got all the details to keep you updated. Son of Mercy is an Amen Imaseun film slated to hit cinemas nationwide between June and July of this year. The production of the latest Amen Imaseun film has kicked off on the 10th of March and is executive produced by Mosco Imobhio, directed and produced by Amen Imaseun.

Nollywood’s greatest Alex Ekubo, Linda Osifo,Kelvin Ikeduba and Gregory Ojefua are the leading actors of the movie. On the 6th of March, auditions took place in Benin City for young and promising actors who wish to make it to the big screen, it was a huge success with over 200 persons in attendance for casting.

The movie “Son of Mercy” is fully packed with action, romance, comedy , intrigue and a mindblowing storyline to thrill the audience.

According to the producer / director Amen Imaseun,the script has been worked on for over 4 years to ensure that viewers gets to experience the best cinematic view. Production manager and coordinator EasyQuest Osa Okunbor and Samuel Enamuna promised that all cinematography equipments are top notch and production sets will be held at memorable locations across Benin city. Mosco Imobhio explained that one of the reasons she embarked on this product was to impact the youths through her foundation “Mosco Imobhio Foundation” hence the reason why auditions were held for promising young acts.

Production is set to hold for a duration of one month between 10 March to April, the cast members and crew are already in Benin city. Leading actor Alex Ekubo shared a post of his arrival to Benin city on his social media page to start the movie shooting.

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