Warri Arts Festival

Warri Arts and Festival formerly A’far was first held in 2019. The event is to be held annually following the state celebration anniversary. Set location for this year’s event is within the famous city’s metropolis. Undoubtedly, the aim is to bring different creatives from around the state to convene in Warri, Delta State. The Festival activities include workshops and summits, streets parade, caricature arts and also memorial site visits and more.

Warri Arts Festival

Dexodus theatre house is the organizers of this year WAF. Due to a lacking of an arts system and a sense of belonging, the team has made sure WAF is here to stay. Consequently it will cause a positive shit on public’s view of the creative space in the city of Warri, Nigeria

Delta state Warri arts

”Kpakam 2020” is this year’s theme and it’s designed to create magic. As well as ensuring that the festival becomes an unforgettable experience stakeholders, it is set to please the audience, volunteers and producers.

The joint force by the organizers is to ensure that Warri Arts Festival is of great impact to the creative community and cultural heritage of Delta state.

For more information on being part of this greatness visit WAF.

Other festivals held in the state are below will be incorporated into Warri Arts Festival for diversity.

The Awankere Festival is an annual cultural event celebrated by the Itsekiri ethnic group in Warri. The festival involves lots of activities is held in the Omere area of the city.

Amaseikumor Festival is celebrated by the Ijaw ethnic group in Warri and holds a history dating back to the 14th century. The festival is celebrated in the month of March as it involves celebrating the local deity Amaseikumor to bring peace.

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