Shades of Soso bio

Shades of Soso will be live with Tee on D Experience with Tee (DXT). DXT is a premier African online talk show & documentary portraying the stories of Africans and Africa startup.

Before the show gets on, here’s a little bio about Shades Of Soso;

Soso is (short for Osasogie), she was born and raised in Nigeria but currently lives in Canada. Soso is a Beauty and Lifestyle influencer. She uses her acting background to create various engaging contents for her social media followers ranging from 17-40 years old, and her target audience are mostly women. A content creator in a series of niche like comedy, beauty, skincare, fashion,book reviews and sometimes food. There’s no such thing as too much talent, Soso’s mantra has always been about exploring all shades of her personalities and as well as self discovery. Best of all, her brand name “Shadesofsoso” comes from her journey.
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