Genevieve Nnaji is now an academy (Oscar) voting member

Genevieve Nnaji is now an academy(Oscar) voting member after what would be referred to as a dark time in her career. Lionheart was submitted to and rejected by the academy awards a year ago. It also gave us Nollywood’s first billionaire after it got debuted on netflix in January of 2019.

Among the 819 artists and executives to be added to the academy awards voting members Naija’s Genevieve Nnaji was included. A 2020 goal set by oscars to increase inclusivity and women voting members.

Genevieve Nnaji along with other artists like Constance Wu and Awkafina from crazy rich Asians,Zendaya, casting directors , photographers, directors , makeup artists and more, amounting to 819 creatives. However the new invitees have to accept the invitation into its voting members board. Only those who accept the invitation become voting members of the academy awards.

Since Genevieve Nnaji is now an academy (Oscar) voting member, she took to her Twitter to accept and thank the Academy.

Genevieve Nnaji is now an academy (oscar)voting member

This new list of voting members is 45% women, 36% underrepresented ethnic/racial communities, and 49% international from 68 countries. Nonetheless you  can check the full list of the new voting Oscar members here.

Africa On Netflix

Also, Genevieve’s recent campaign “Africa On Netflix” with other actors and producers from Africa has been having positive feedbacks. Clearly Africa is taking over the world and not just the movies but as well as the music industry with Afrobeats taking over too. Africa on Netflix features key players in the promotional campaign. With two already solid African netflix original series “Queen Sono and Blood and water” out already and more to come. US streaming platform Netflix has commissioned series production with media mogul Mo Abudu. You can watch the Africa on Netflix trending video here and expect more from Africa.

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