How Much of a Benin City Agbero Are You?

Quiz: How Much of a Benin City Agbero are you? Since you’ve been in this city you’re wondering if the calmness is a life long virtue until you actually come out to live in the city…. Measure the threshold of your agbero tendencies taking BlackDotMandy’s Quiz : 

#1. The only place you’ve gone to for dates in Benin City...

#2. You need to relass and enjoy Mother Nature, where are you heading to?

#3. In New Benin market or ring road, shop hustlers are dragging you. Are you slapping somebody or not?

#4. Tuketuke or Comrade bus??

#5. The Tuketuke has stopped for you but someone is already in front seat, are you entering or make I wait for another one ?

#6. You and the geng always hang under the bridge, it’s like they did the bridge for you guys??



You’re ready to fight at any time😖 Are you sure you won’t admit yourself to Uselu now? This agbero lifestyle is not it!! Jazz Up. How Much of a Benin City Agbero Are You?
You’re one of those people moving with durag and tote bags up and down. I hope that crocs is easy for you to wash. 🙄Set awon the cool kids are here.How Much of a Benin City Agbero Are You?

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