QUIZ: Which Uniben student are you ? On or off Campus?

QUIZ : Which Uniben student are you? On or off Campus? As a University of Benin student, it’s either you staying within the campus of the school in Ugbowo or Ekenwan or you’re staying off campus or better still you enjoy the best of both worlds. There was once a time years back when students within the campus enjoy the basic comforts of life with limitless access to light and water, one that off campus student can’t proudly boast of. 


For this quiz. “ QUIZ : Which Uniben student are you? On or off Campus? “  shows some conscious and unconscious characters you display due to different living conditions. Although this quiz might not be exactly accurate like zodiac signs and sun and stars reading, participate for the fun of it. 

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#1. You’re always asking somebody to spare you #30.

#2. Lecturer cancelled today’s class and you’re all dressed, going back to your hostel or?

#3. Party is still dawn, what time are you returning to your hostel?

#4. Comb is always in your back pocket, yes or no?

#5. You’ve mastered the art of climbing water tanks?

#6. Means of Cooking???

#7. Everyone calls you “plug”, what business do you deal on?

#8. You are having a confrontation with a shuttle driver, he’s giving you a bit of home training, hows your reaction like?

#9. Which of these is always in your bag?

#10. If it’s not bottled water or fancy bottled water, you’re not drinking?



How much of a benin City agbero are you? Ekosodin,BDPA and Osasogie residents. You probably look at your back when going back to hostel a lot.Slap receiver. Plus the stress life isn’t for you, you might run mad. You can’t survive two days inside school hostel without your body reacting to everything but you stay humbled during exams.
QUIZ: Which Uniben student are you ? On or off Campus?You belong to the streets. “The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force”. Na we we. This school cannot break me, I’ve seen worse. Shey it’s only 2 years and we out, except ASUU strikes again. Abi it’s Edo state election. Oops !! Nation sports festival 😭😭

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Hope you enjoyed our QUIZ : Which Uniben student are you? On or off Campus?