Falz To Federal Govt: The entertainment industry must be allowed to gradually get back in business

Falz To Federal Govt: “The entertainment industry must be allowed to gradually get back in business“, Nigerian rapper Falz is speaking out loud about the current state of the entertainment industry in a Nigeria. 

Since the onset of Covid-19 in Nigeria, schools and business have been on lockdown. While other sectors of the economy are gradually recovering by orders of the federal government, the entertainment sector has however suffered a major setback with the lockdown in effect and post lockdown. Both music industry activities like concerts as well as movie activities like cinemas have been on hold.








The entertainment industry is currently one of the biggest export in the country. Nollywood has the 3rd highest movie productions in the world. The music industry has created an afrobeats path for itself, leading other Africa countries to the world map. However, to move forward the entertainment sector has to be in full function post Covid-19.




For this reason and several others, Falz has taken to social media with the hashtag #SaveEntertainment, so the right authorities and presidency consider the plight of workers of the industry. Apart from artiste and actors, it should be noted that the industry goes far beyond the screen but the magic behind the scenes. Especially  the stylist, photographers, screen directors, videographers,tour directors, scriptwriters,casting directors and more whose jobs are currently suffering a major setback.


See all of Falz Tweets as regards Entertainment in Post Covid -19 Times after the cut;

Falz is speaking out and subsequently others will too.And yes without a doubt , we stand on #SaveEntertainment side.

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