Learn Spanish in 7 days guys.

Hello guys! My name is Zeze Aruya and if there is one thing you should know about me, its the fact that I am a language freak. For the next 7 days, we are going to learn Spanish. Dont think of it too much, its actually fun to learn a new language and I know school makes everyone so tired of learning a language cause it seems to take forever but here I will break it all down and you wont even notice youre learning a new language. Trust me 😉

      So, Spanish is the third Foreign Language I fell in love with. My first was French followed by Swahili.  Today, Ill be showing you how much of Spanish you already know. Your knowledge is already driving me crazy, I mean 😢 how could you know so much already? Lets get right to it.

First, I would love you to take it off your mind that you are about to learn a language. Just read through like every other thing you read on a norms. Do not try to remember anything, yes I said that. Dont try to remember! Just leave your brain alone


Let us learn a few words in Spanish.

1. Para – for
2. Es – It is
3. Posible – Possible ( In Spanish, words that end with -ible in English are same thing. No changes. Although we have exceptions but -ible  & -able English words are same in Spanish)
4. Aceptable – Acceptable ( You have probably noticed that we dont get to see double Cor double sin Spanish words. Yes yes. You are right)
5. Muy – Very
6. Porque – Because
7. Mi – Me
8. Pero – But
9. Usted – You
10.  Así – That way

Okay, you can check through everything you just read again. Dont kill your brain tho. Just read and chill. Its nothing serious.

Having learned those ten words, let us make some sentences:

11. Es para mi – It is for me
12. Es para usted – It is for you
13. Es posible para mi así – It is possible for me that way
14. No es posible para mi – It is not possible for me
15. ¿No es posible para usted así? – Is it not possible for you that way?

Let me give you two beautiful Spanish tips.

     When writing Spanish, they made it easy to differentiate questions from exclamations and normal statements. So they use some symbols we do not use in English. If you notice that before the question there was some sign that looks like a question mark upside down, well that is how they let the reader know that you are about to read a question. It also goes same way with exclamations too.

Abuela means Grandmother

   So, for example you havent seen grandma in a long time and boom, you get to see her and then you scream, Abuela🤸🏿 If you were to write that in English, it would be Grandma! but in Spanish, they want you to know before you read it that this is an exclamation so they use an exclamation mark that is upside down in the beginning and then the main exclamation mark at the end so you get to see something that look like an ibut really is an exclamation mark.

Grandma would then be “ ¡Abuela! when writing it in Spanish. Same applies for questions.

Note: To get the upside down exclamation mark, simply press your exclamation mark for long (if you use an iPhone), if you use an Android, 🤧 Google it yourself!


😂😂 I said what I said, Google it yourself.

Now, for questions same thing applies. Use an upside downquestion mark in the beginning to show that it is a question.

For example,

In English ( Inglés ), we write;  

a. Is it for me?

In Spanish, ( España ) we write;

b. ¿Es para mi?

Yes, it is really all that simple. Nothing serious.

b. En España – In Spanish

En España, we say Hasta Luego which means See you later.

Let me share with you some phrases.

iii. ¡Hasta Luego! – See you later
iv. ¡Hasta mañana! – See you tomorrow
v. Mucho gusto – Nice to meet you
vi. Buenos días – Good morning
vii. Buenas tardes – Good afternoon
viii. Buenas noches – Good evening
ix. ¡Te quiero! –  I love you
x. De nada – Youre welcome

See, just learn it. Do not put too much thought to it. Just know thats what is said. Do not try to break it and all. When its time to pick what is important, I am sure you would know.

The reason you may have found it so hard to learn languages before now was because you put in too much effort. Just look at these words, pronounce it anyhow you want to pronounce it in your head afterwards you can simply use Google so you get to hear the pronunciation and just be happy.

Let us stop here for today, Ill come back tomorrow for some extras.

Lets do some class work,

16. How do you write, Is it for you?in Spanish?
17. How do we write, Grandma, is it for me?in Spanish?
18. How do we write, Is it because I love you?In Spanish?

Drop your answers in the comment section. Im waiting.

Endeavor to spy please 😂😂 Just relax, flex and learn.

Meanwhile, go out and speak some Spanish. Flaunt what you just learnt. Its not easy my dear 😩 

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