Teejay Ameen and Dibia Valentinoe

Teejay Ameen and Dibia Valentinoe brings a new light into the creative industry.

A New Dawn For The Creative Industry 


It’s great news for the Creative and Media Industry as The Notchore Company is set to raise the bars in the Creative Industry with its formidable presence. 

Founded by Teejay Ameen and Dibia Valentinoe, the company is built with and leverages on the wealth of outstanding young creative minds in its pool, it is a community of Creatives whose resolve is to lead the next generation of Creatives in delivering top notch innovations 
“We adopt innovative disruptive ideas to brand talent management and content creation”  – Teejay Ameen, Creative Director, The Notchore Company 
 The company’s innovative resolve makes them exceptional as fresh ideas and disruptive creativity are embedded in their core values.
They provide management representation and consultancy services to the most outstanding creatives in Nigeria.
From creating media marketing strategies to producing unique contents and achieving excellence with trained talents,The Notchore Company is brimming with opportunities for young creatives. 


For more information please visit the Notchore Company HERE
Instagram and Twitter : @notchorecompany

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