World’s Apart EP - Rooky

World’s Apart EP – Rooky is a 6 tracked Ep.

Rooky Is an Urban RNB/Trap Soul Artist based in Canada, blurring the line between African culture and Western influences. Rooky, who has always been an artist/entertainer even from his early days in university, tells a tale of love, hustle, and infatuation as seen on his debut EP “Worlds Apart”. He features artists like Camilla, Bonfice, Outré, Lato, etc

This EP is a glorious, delicious stew of talents. The combination of different world views and experiences Rooky has gathered from living in Nigeria to moving to Canada inspired him greatly and led to the EP title. The EP will be out on all major music stores September 6th


Rooky’s debut single Control titled CNTRL is the Rnb song we didn’t know we needed. This single which already has a video is a reminder to Rooky’s love interest of how she makes him feel, he says she’s prettier than metro city lights and he can see galaxies reflecting in her eyes.

Rooky croons about how he would rather be with his love interest, he explains that he feels different around her and her love takes him somewhere and it’s like an out-of-body experience thus heaven Becomes a crowded place.


Take a spin into World’s Apart EP – Rooky after the cut …….


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