Milly K Set To Release His Debut EP This November

Milly K Set To Release His Debut EP and we are bound to go hard for him. Afrobeats artist Milly K has been going hard with several singles since his first hit single in 2019 4Life. He has managed to thrill his fans in between with freestyles on Instagram that mostly go viral and resonates with both his hip hop/rap audience and anyone who loves music. He has defined pop culture with creating trending slangs and styles like “peep the drip”.

Milly is set to release his debut EP “Vibes On Vibes”, it’s a 6 track body of art and it’s bound to leave listeners with an exclamation mark ! The intro track into the album comes hard with showoff of rap skills between Milly K and Harry Carter on “double the check”. The “Aiye” crooner sampled a quotebusting dialogue from Star Wars on the beats. This duo were meant to be musically.

Milly K Set To Release His Debut EP This November

Track 2 is definitely what we didn’t see coming, we get to see another side of Milly. He goes calming the storm he created with the intro track. Indeed variety is the spice of life, “American lover” is a soothing love song mixed perfectly. It fits so well into the EP and we see a strength in the artist not confining into a particular space.

Like the EP title , it’s a full thrill and continues vibes on vibes. Down to Track 3 , we are given another moment of absolute greatness. With features from “Away” singer Oxlade and Samrayxx. Finding the perfect word for this track is unattainable, there’s no rust on this project.

Yeehaw ! In Sextape Milly does a bit of storytelling, he’s just as great at it as he is at breathing. The entire vibe on this track definitely worth to be at the top of that sex playlist you’ve got.

Milly K Set To Release His Debut EP This November

Gallant is truly what it is, a food for us to feed on. On this track he sings about his feelings and waiting on receiving his love back, along the line he also idolizes her body. This track is a guaranteed hit with a replay value that’s top top . The songwriting on the EP is a 100. Track 5 exhibits his versatility as an artist and truely that’s a major flex

Milly K left the same way he came into this EP – with flames. The last track is just as hot as the first with Tkrayne. I mean what better way to end Vibes on Vibes than this? Absolutely none. You can as well as vibe to this tracks when they come out and check out his profile here.

Vibes on Vibes is razor sharp and will cut through to your soul and bring out that vibe out if you lack one. Milly K has made his mark with his Debut EP set to be out November 27th.

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