How to style that occasion with ease.

Occasions come occasionally, thus we have ample time to pick the befitting outfit.
Here’s a little guide on how to dress for that occasion.

1. Weddings.
Every wedding has a dress code. Either a unique color or a general outfit, locally called Asoebi, is common especially in Nigerian weddings.
In cases where guests do not buy the “Asoebi” , it is advisable that An all white or all black outfit is worn as this will not make any section of the crowd look odd. Also, a related color to the “Asoebi” can be worn.
It is wrong to put on another outfit with a different color to a  wedding that have “an outfit/color of the day”.

2. Birthdays.
Birthdays barely have dress codes except if its a cocktail party or an all white party.
In as much as we want to dress casually to a birthday party, slippers and sandals will be too casual.  Dress in a comfortable but presentable, even if the celebrate is your relative.

3. Award Shows/Gala:
Award Shows  and Gala Nights are corporate gatherings where people wear their best dress.
It is expected for attendees to dress corporate outfits.
Nevertheless, traditional outfits are seen as a new trend in Award shows.
It’s the work of your stylist to study the award show and see if a traditional outfit is befitting.

If you’re going to a gala, you’ll want to wear your fanciest ball gown. You’ll want to look great for the best party of the year. A gala often features entertainment and dinner,so dressing for a dinner night is very acceptable.

4. Get Together/Re union.
Everyone wants to show off in a reunion, but you can still keep it simple. For the ladies, no heavy make ups, no extra baggage.
Most get together or reunion are always an outdoor thing, so it is easier to pick an outfit.

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