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If there was a word to describe my introverted self if would be boring but on here boring is definitely out of it, there’s an endless possibilities of fun, creativity, ambition and stories to unfold.

Launched on July 2nd, 2017 as a community for readers, gist lovers,fans of celebrities, bloggers alike and social media addicts. This blog brings a collection of everything related to the above from all around the world.If you love social media and you love the trends as they drop, you’ll feel right at home here.  Got saucy trends from twitter stories to IG, all you need do is check the tags!  We’ve also got our post shared from KraksTV to TundeEdnut. BlackDotMandy’s blog is here to serve both readers and writers.

Blackdotmandy was carved out from my birth name Ofoetsuwa Omawumi Amanda and a birthmark.The inspo for the blog was from the series “Gossip Girls” and Linda Ikeji’s Blog.I currently live in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. An Itsekiri girl from Warri,Delta State. A foodie, a reader and hopefully someday a traveller , I’d love to tour the city of Venice someday. And I’d really love you to read my blog like you in a conversation with your squad or a friend.

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